Aimco creates shareholder value through operational excellence, managing a high quality portfolio, investing in advantageous redevelopment, and maintaining a healthy balance sheet.


The Aimco business strategy is built to deliver solid, predictable results insulated from fluctuations in economic conditions. In property operations, Aimco has lower resident turnover than our peers as a result of high customer satisfaction. Over the past decade, Aimco has achieved peer-leading expense control as our team identifies innovative ways to achieve efficiencies while delivering excellent service. Our portfolio is diversified by geography and price point to minimize Aimco’s reliance on the performance of a few markets. Aimco’s paired-trade strategy takes the disposition proceeds from lower performing properties in weaker markets and invests them in communities with higher prospects.

In 2016 Aimco:

  • Reached a record high of average revenue per apartment home of $1,978.
  • Enhanced our portfolio by investing $183 million in redevelopment and development.
  • Exceeded 30 cents in value creation on every dollar invested in redevelopment.


Aimco’s balance sheet provides a strong foundation for current and long-term financial stability. In 2016 Aimco restructured its bank line to extend its maturity to 2022 and lower borrowing costs. The line is largely unused and provides up to $600 million of liquidity. Aimco’s unencumbered pool of communities has an estimated fair market value of $1.6 billion providing additional financial flexibility. Both Standard and Poor’s and Fitch have rated the Aimco balance sheet “investment grade.”


Aimco’s Board of Directors has led the industry in establishing good governance policies that promote transparency, high ethical standards and careful stewardship of shareholder investments. Aimco’s CEO Terry Considine was recognized for his inspirational leadership, business accomplishments and philanthropy as a 2017 inductee into the Colorado Business Hall of Fame. This honor was shared by the entire Aimco team, an exceptional group of professionals motivated to deliver positive results for residents, shareholders and communities in a spirit of corporate citizenship.